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Screwed Over by a Restaurant Job?
Worked in a restaurant?

Consumer Advocates P.L.L.C. is investigating allegations that certain restaurants may have hurt their employees by, among other things:

  • Forcing employees to share tips in unlawful ways

  • Failing to provide overtime pay

  • Encouraging employees to work off the clock before/after shifts

  • Erasing time from timecards

  • Failing to pay employees for all hours worked

  • Denying meal and/or rest breaks

  • Forcing employees to purchase uniforms



Are you a contract delivery driver, courier or owner/operator?
Tired of your boss screwing you over?


Consumer Advocates PLLC is investigating allegations that many contract drivers may have been wrongfully denied certain compensation and benefits, as well as suffered from routine unauthorized deductions from their pay. If you are a driver classified as an independent contractor, contact us for more information.



Worked for  Charles Schwab? Joined their company’s 401(k) plan?

Consumer Advocates is investigating allegations that Charles Schwab directors and executives in charge of protecting their employees’ precious 401(k) retirement savings may have HURT their workers by:

  • continuing to invest 401(k) plan assets in the company’s own stock after it became too risky; and/or

  • allowing the plan to be charged excessive fees by service providers


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Consumer Advocates has one goal--to protect America's workers, consumers and investors. Our mission is to help people who have been hurt to fight back. We help people from all backgrounds and tackle harmful conduct, including consumer fraud, misrepresentations to investors, failure to pay overtime compensation, failure to protect employees' 401(k) savings, annoying robocalls, unsolicited marketing text messages and bad behavior by banks.




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