Worked for Aetna? Did you receive CVS Health stock in connection with the CVS Health/Aetna merger?
Consumer Advocates is investigating potential legal claims on behalf of Aetna 401(k) participants who received CVS Health stock when CVS Health acquired Aetna in November 2018.
In connection with the merger, Aetna employees with Aetna stock in their 401(k) accounts had their Aetna stock converted into units of CVS Health stock. However, following the merger, these units of CVS Health stock dropped substantially in value.
Consumer Advocates is investigating whether shares of CVS Health stock were artificially inflated at the time of the merger. If so, then we believe that Aetna employees may have received shares in their 401(k) accounts that were artificially over-valued.  
If you have worked for Aetna prior to the acquisition by CVS Health and took part in Aetna's 401(k) plan, please contact us immediately for free information about our investigation and how to join any potential class action lawsuit.

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