Are you a business owner? If your business has been interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be entitled to compensation from your insurer. 


Sadly, however, we have heard that numerous small business owners have had their business interruption insurance claims denied--seemingly for no apparent reason other than that insurers simply do not want to pay.

For example, a Virginia restaurant owner recently sued his insurance company after the company denied the restaurant's claim for payment following the interruption caused by COVID-19. Allegedly, this flat-out refusal to pay happened DESPITE clear language in the policy providing coverage in the event of business interruption due to a virus.

We believe that these accusations, if true, indicate a major violation of trust, insurance contract law and decency. 


If you are a business owner affected by COVID-19 and have been denied your claim for business interruption insurance, contact us ASAP for information concerning how to join a proposed class action. You deserve it!

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